Heroes reforged


My name is Rodon. I love Heroes of the Storm.

I remember the first time I played the game. I was in my first semester at BYU-Idaho (Brigham Young University), and was in an apartment living with five other single guys. I hadn’t met any of them before the semester started. The first conversation I had with them was when I walked through the door the Saturday before school started. Every single one of my roommates were into video games. I wasn’t really a gamer. I played Xbox 360 in high school, but hadn’t been into it for a couple years. Only about a month before that, I had actually picked up playing Hearthstone casually with a friend of mine, and that was all I played (in very moderate proportions) for weeks.

I played my first match of Heroes when a roommate of mine finally convinced me. The game was fairly new at the time; I believe we were on the Lt. Morales patch. Everyone else had picked it up in the apartment, and I wanted to try it out to see what they were so hyped about.

I was hooked. The rest is history.

Since then, I’ve participated in multiple Heroes of the Dorm tournaments, along with other Tespa competitions. I’ve made tons of friends from those days, playing consistently with people from Bronze league to Grandmaster. I also helped introduce others to the game, and it has been an awesome ride.

Unfortunately, Heroes isn’t in the best place right now.

Since the announcement that future Blizzard-sponsored Heroes competitions would be cancelled, the game has been in an awkward place. A lot of the top talent left for other games, and the development team (now much smaller) has been slower in getting content out. The crazy thing is, despite the lower Twitch views and the constant “Dead game” rants on Reddit, the game seems to be surviving.

It seems that there is still a loyal following. People still enjoy playing the game.  People still like the competition, as evidenced by the popularity of things like HeroesLounge. And this community can rebuild.

I’m a student finishing my degree in communication, and I hope that this blog will be a place where those of us who just can’t seem to let go can build each other up. I’ll be posting content twice weekly to keep things fresh, especially focusing on the esports scene with HeroesLounge Division S. I have contacts in the tournament, and I’ll be bringing you content straight from the pros themselves.

Let’s make Hots great again.

See you in the Nexus.

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