Team Spotlight: Boostid Gaming

Boostid Gaming–(a.k.a. BST Veggies)

As part of the buildup to the Division S league play, I’ll be doing a spotlight of several new competitors during the qualifiers.

This week we have Boostid Gaming (a.k.a. BST Veggies).


  1. Lettuce (Tank)
  2. Pepper (Ranged Carry)
  3. Brocoli (Offlane)
  4. Potato (Flex)
  5. Basil (Support)


Although the roster for Boostid Gaming was just recently finalized for this event, the group got its start back in the early days of Heroes of the Storm. Before many of the current modes in Heroes, a group of friends began to play the Lost Caverns (an one-lane map) as an alternative to the standard game. As they played, they invited other friends to participate, which each day having different rosters and players. It became a type of pick-up basketball in Heroes of the Storm.

“The inside joke was that it was that it was 1st grade dodge ball throwback,” said Lettuce, the team’s captain.

Those schoolyard matches eventually gave rise to a portion of the current Boostid Gaming team. The team officially formed back in January 2017, but has undergone several changes since its creation.

“When decided [then] that the ultimate goal [was] the Crucible and HGC,” Lettuce said. “Anything else was irrelevant, in terms of achievement.”

After the cancellation of HGC, Boostid “took a hit,” but it never stopped them wanting to compete. “We love the game,” Lettuce said. “We quit the game if you’re still having fun with it, you know?”

The roster for Boostid was finalized only on Sunday, Jan. 24. They practiced long hours over the course of a week to prepare for the first qualifier.

“It’s only been a week as a full roster,” Lettuce said, “but we’ve known each other…since the beginning.”

“Memories indeed.”

Team Philosophy:

According to the team, they plan to take a conservative approach to preparation for the events, by focusing more on individual and team preparation to overcome the lack of time they’ve been together. They plan on treating each opponent equally and taking each seriously.

“Anything Interesting?”:

“We do have a Potato on our team. Can we start a prize pool on how many times he dies in this tourney?”

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