Week 2 Preview

Top 5 team projections for week 2:

  1. LFW (Looking for Work): This roster of former pros looked strong throughout most of the first qualifier before losing in the semi-finals. Even in that series, they made solid plays and showed their experience. The different team compositions of Comanche probably caught them off guard. They’ll be contenders this week, and probably are the favorites.
  2. Comanche Power Train: Comanche had a strong showing in week 1, defeating several favorites, including LFW. They took the champions to a tiebreaker game. Being a lesser-known team the first time though, they had the element of surprise. For that reason, I still give a slight edge to LFW. A win here though demands to be taken seriously.
  3. Multiple Smiles: I really like this roster on paper, but I felt a little underwhelmed by them in their first showing. Now, that could be due to the fact that they had a difficult slate of matches to begin with. I want to see more from them this week.
  4. Order of the Sleeping Dragon: This is a “sleeper” squad that I’m really interested in. They didn’t play in the qualifier last week, but they are made up of some great players that have been at the highest levels of play for a while, such as treebeard, Shot and EpicPlayer.
  5. Celeb Gaming: Formerly known as Broken Alliance Gaming, Lost Boy’s support player KilluZiion specifically mentioned them as a team to look out for. He mentioned that Slyp is an up-and-coming star.

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