Team Spotlight: Comanche Power Train

After defeating LFW and going to game three with The Lost Boys (two teams of former pros) in the final, Comanche Power Train has proven to be a contender in these Division S qualifiers. They are the highlight of our team spotlight this week.


1) Noah (Ranged Damage)

2) bkbgrnrjefek (Tank)

3) LegacY (Healer)

4) Mysticleez (Offlane)

5) Unaverted (Flex)


If the players from Comanche Power Train ever meet the squad Leftovers, they need to give them a big “thank you.” Part of their success in nearly taking the first Division S qualifier is due to the European team.

In 2017, the EU Team Good Guys was struggling. At a record of 2-12, they finished in last place in Europe, and were forced to compete in the HGC Crucible to defend their place in the region’s top league. Leftovers, the winners of the European Open Division, chose to play against Team Good Guys. After a grueling seven-game series that was neck-and-neck, Leftovers won a team fight at level 15 on Cursed Hollow. They grabbed the boss and pushed to the core, losing every member of their team in the process. The gambit worked, and Leftovers were able to beat Team Good Guys, taking their place in the HGC. Leftovers went on to be a top team in 2018, even competing at Blizzcon. Team Good Guys disbanded.

Bkb, the main tank player for Good Guys, came to compete in the North American scene. He eventually got in contact with Divination, one of the top Open Division teams. They joined forces, and bkb became a core piece in the team’s success. Despite being denied eligibility by Blizzard to compete, bkb stayed with the squad, and became their shot-caller for Division S, when the team was recreated as Comanche Power Train.

The team also added other talent, such as Unaverted, who has been a top ranged player in North America for a long time.

“[Our] expectations [for Division S] were always to qualify, because I was confident we were a top-8 team,” said Noah, the team’s captain and ranged assassin. “After this past weekend, I’m ready to win and get qualification out of the way, though. That way we can relax until March.”

Team Philosophy:

Comanche has a unique attitude towards the meta at the highest levels of heroes.

“I will say that there are a lot of heroes that HGC used to forget about,” Noah said. “Almost always, there were some sleeper picks that I was surprised never came out.”

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