Team Spotlight: Revive Esports

Time for another team spotlight—meet Revive Esports.


funbunz (Flex)

Zarumag (Support)

Winerharte (Ranged Assassin)

JTR (Tank)

Gronmin (Offlane)

Team Background:

Revive was put together out of a collection of players that funbunz, the team’s captain, found that he meshed with. Each came from a different place. JTR played on Luxorian Sun, a sister team of one that funbunz played on at the time. He met gronmin at a tryout for a Latin American team. One player, Zarumag, was added to the roster the day before signups closed, when he and funbunz played some Team League together. Winterharte was added as recently as this week.

Despite the lack of experience playing together, the team says they mesh well. It appears to be true. They’re currently on track to qualify for Division S.

In both qualifiers to this point, Revive has managed to make their way to the quarterfinals, before being beaten by the eventual champion. However, those placements, along with a couple more strong performances, should help them qualify for one of the final spots.

“We have confidence we will make Division S,” funbunz said, “but it might come down to the bracket gods.”

Let’s hope they’re saying their prayers.

Team Philosophy:

“Our biggest advantage is our drafting and researching,” funbunz says. “Games are a lot easier if you know what to expect.”

Revive Esports emphasize preparation for their matches. Research and planning for them is watching a lot of replays and scrimming high-level competition as frequently as possible. They all contribute to the discussion, but they lean on their draft specialist, JTR, to make final decisions.

“We all put input into the draft,” funbunz concluded, “but at the end of the day, we trust JTR.”

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