Week 3 Power Rankings

Here are your power rankings heading into the 3rd qualifier.

  1. Multiple Smiles- Last week I wanted to see more from this team. I saw more. Multiple Smiles made it to the final series against Comanche, not dropping a map along the way. They looked dominant. Based on their point total, they will qualify just by showing up these next couple weeks. I expect them to win one of them, though. (Last week–#3)
  2. Looking for Work– I didn’t get a chance to see their matches, but I heard they left the qualifier early to compete in the Tempo Storm invitational. Therefore, there isn’t too much to judge. They are still a top team, and should qualify (most likely through a finals victory) during one of these next two weekends. (Last week–#1)
  3. Order of the Sleeping Dragon- This roster showed their potential last week, going to the semi-finals before losing to Comanche. They played unique and aggressive compositions that overwhelmed some of their opponents. I think their individual skill gives them an advantage over many other squads. Need to see some consistency, though. (Last week–#4)
  4. Celeb Gaming- They didn’t play well against Multiple Smiles in the semi-final, but they are still in a good spot. If all goes according to plan, this week should be another top 4 finish, and earn them a spot in the league. (Last week–#5)
  5. Revive Esports- This squad played well during the opening two rounds. They added Tempest this week, a ranged player. The only question at this point is whether the chemistry sticks, especially because several of their players will be role swapping to accommodate him. This will be a big week for them to prove they belong.

Disclaimer: Power rankings do not include teams that have already qualified for Division S.

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