What needs to happen for (enter team name) to qualify?

Here’s how each of the teams can qualify.

Already Qualified:

  1. The Lost Boys

2) Comanche Power Train

3) Multiple Smiles

For the sake of reminder, these three lucky teams have already done their part and won a qualifier. Nothing left for them to do this week but wait and watch the others.

What needs to happen to qualify: DONE

What can go wrong: N/A

All but Official:

4) Celeb Gaming

5) Order of the Sleeping Dragons

6) LFW

Celeb Gaming, OOTSD and LFW have done well enough in the first three qualifiers that they literally just have to show up to qualify. The most important thing this week will be to practice and gather more info on their competitors.

What needs to happen to qualify: They need to sit down at their computer and log in to Heroes. Then, they’ll need to join the custom lobby and play a match. Do that, and they’re good.

What could go wrong: A blackout, medication that induces heavy sleep, or a rift in space-time that takes a player to a different dimension. Pretty much anything that impedes them showing up.

In as of now:

7) Revive Esports

8) Close to Death

Both Revive Esports and Close to Death have a slight point total on the other teams, and that gives them a slight edge going into this weekend. Both teams are on track to qualify, but it’s close.

What needs to happen to qualify: Making it to the quarterfinal should be enough, unless one or two of the teams below them go on a huge run. Close to Death is closer to danger, but if they can make it deep into the bracket, they’ll be set to qualify.

What could go wrong: One of the teams in the next tier go on a tear and win the tourney or make the finals.

Out as of now (but that could change):

9) Dead Gamers

10) 2 + 2

11) Skin Tight Denim

13) FAT Div S

These four teams are all tied and are really close to qualification. They just need to pass the other two in front of them. As of right now, their target is Close to Death, who are merely 25 points ahead of them.

What needs to happen to qualify: 1) They need to make a deep run. This will probably include upsetting a top team. They will at least need to make the semi-finals, especially because both teams ahead of them own the tiebreakers. If they could pull off a finals run, that should be enough. 2) Close to Death has a catastrophic series and loses immediately.

What could go wrong: The biggest thing is a loss. Losing in the early rounds will be game-over. Otherwise, they’re praying that Close to Death don’t go on a run themselves.

Need a big week:

14) CGL Black

15) FENIX Esports

16) Ferret’s Ferrets

17) Proxy Nexus 2

18) Scooty Puff Jr.

19) Boostid Gaming

A couple of these teams have had good moments. Others haven’t shown much yet. Regardless, these teams need to show a lot more to make it in. This week is do-or-die.

What needs to happen to qualify: They need to win. Or at least make it to the finals, against presumably one of the top teams. Anything else means they are gone.

What could go wrong: Pretty much anything. If any of the fringe teams make it deep, it’s over. If they lose, it’s over. They’ll need a lot of things to go right.

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