Team Spotlight: Close to Death

Logo for Close to Death.
Close to Death


Keenan (Flex)

Hooberman (Support)

CookieMan (Assassin)

BloodSplat (Flex)

RedRobot (Tank)

Team Background:

Close to Death will secure a spot in the first ever HeroesLounge Division S league with a strong showing this weekend. They haven’t had a breakthrough performance yet, but they have consistently defeating opponents in the early rounds to maintain a slight lead. Team captain, Keenan, said, “Qualifying for Division S would be a dream come true for us. We love Heroes of the Storm, and want to keep playing it as long as possible.”

The team got it’s start years ago, when Keenan and Hooberman were both recruited to play for an early competitive team. That team didn’t last long, but the two remained close and kept an eye out for other players to join them. They added BlootSplat several months later, to form a three-man. A lot of time went by, trying out a huge variety of players to fill out a full squad, before they finally met RedRobot and Cookieman.

The team became really close. “We are like a small family, where everyone is the cool uncle,” Keenan said.

The team anticipates securing a berth in the league during this last qualifier.

“We are honored to be so close to qualifying,” Keenan added. “There are a lot of great players competing for one of the coveted spots in Division S. We are just happy to be in the running.”

Team Philosophy:

Close to Death’s drafting and shot-calling differ from most other teams in one main respect: they don’t have a person who does them. They all share the responsibility.

“I used to do drafting and shot-calling [by myself],” Keenan said. “But as time has grown on, it has turned into a democracy.”

They also can run various compositions, because BloodSplat has a very diverse hero pool. Expect them to break out unusual strategies at any time.

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