Team Spotlight: Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Logo for Order of the Sleeping Dragon.


CorgiBooty (Offlane)

Shot (Tank)

ElhayM (Support)

treebeard (Assassin)

ENiGMATiC (Flex)

Team Background:

Order of the Sleeping Dragon is one of the teams from Division S that you has easily recognizable players. They are formed of some of the more well-known streamers and competitive players in the North American Heroes of the Storm scene. ElhayM has been a premier support player for quite some time, including competing in the HGC Crucible with Psistorm Gaming last year. Shot won Heroes of the Dorm 2016 with Arizona State. Treebeard is a streamer over 15,000 followers on Twitch.

The team officially started shortly after Division S was announced. According to ENiGMATiC, he and Corgi initially started forming the team from remnants of a couple semi-pro teams.

“We definitely like to have a lot of fun, but we also keep it serious most of the time,” ENiGMATiC said.

Although many of the players on OSD are known for specializing on specific heroes, they expect their diverse hero pools and team compositions to catch teams by surprise.

“As a team, we expect to be top three AT LEAST,” ENiGMATiC said. “We’re confident we’ll be able to get that, if not second or first [in the regular season].”

ENiGMATiC said their biggest hurdle will be themselves.

“As long as we play well throughout the games, we’ll be able to take any set against any team.”

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