Division S week 1: Game Previews

Here is a rundown of my predictions for each series this opening week! Get ready for some (somewhat) pro Heroes of the Storm gameplay!

Heroes of the Storm Division S Week 1 Matchup. Close to Death vs Multiple Smiles.
Close to Death vs. Multiple Smile

This matchup is between one team with a big chance to contend for the championship and a rising squad. In the spirit of March Madness, this is our classic underdog vs favorite matchup. I’d say it’s like the 12-seed vs a 5-seed. The 5’s usually make it out, but don’t fall asleep on the little guys!

Multiple Smiles: They are confident going into this series. They have a lot of experience playing together, but they made a small roster change by replacing ViN with Battery. Because of the high aggression, high skill-cap types of compositions they’ve been running, we’ll have to see if the transition is a smooth one.

Close to Death: Chemistry is the key for them here. This team is a group of friends that have played together often. Their weakness is experience against high-level teams. As I mentioned before, CookieMan is the key player. If he plays well and doesn’t get caught out of position often, they have a chance.

Prediction: Multiple Smiles 3-1

Heroes of the Storm Division S Week 1 Matchup. Looking for Work vs. Order of the Sleeping Dragon.
Looking for Work vs. Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Both of these teams have tons of potential in this league, but haven’t shown it all yet. By default, you have to think LFW has an edge. They are a former pro team with highly-skilled players. They have the experience. They just haven’t shown it yet. OSD has similarly skilled players, but with less experience playing in professional formats.

Looking for Work: Fury said that his team’s mentality towards these games is more of a casual and fun one. “I’m not 100% sure what to look out for in our opponent, but we will just play for fun and hopefully it’s enough to take games off other teams,” he said. They have some skilled players. We’ll see how far it takes them.

OSD: They have a very different philosophy going into these matches than their opponent. OSD sees HeroesLounge as a chance to showcase pro-level play outside of the HGC format. Expect them to take the series seriously.

Prediction: Order of the Sleeping Dragon 3-2

Heroes of the Storm Division S Week 1 Matchup. Team Good Guys vs. The Lost Boys.
Team Good Guys vs. The Lost Boys

This is the showcase matchup of the week. These two teams were undoubtedly the strongest in the qualifiers, and will look to establish dominance early. Because each team only plays the others one time, this matchup is important. The winner will automatically have a leg up the rest of the season.

Team Good Guys: Led by bkb, a former European pro, Good Guys boasts a strong lineup. They took the qualifiers seriously, and managed to upset a lot of other top teams. We’ll see how it carries over now that the field is ready for them.

The Lost Boys: This team is in a similar situation as LFW. There roster is loaded with former stars, and they will be a force this season. Their mentality is more casual, but expect them to turn it on when it counts. Zergling, the team’s offlane player, said, “Our game plan is to show up as a team, draft some fun heroes, and b-step a lot.”

Prediction: The Lost Boys 3-1

Revive Esports vs. Celeb Gaming

Celeb Gaming is going to be tough to handle for Revive. While I like the things Revive has done to this point, I think it’ll take them some time to acclimate to the stiff competition at this level. Celeb Gaming is a tough matchup. They have a team that is experienced in competitive heroes, and will have the edge.

Revive Esports: I think that they’ll struggle a bit out of the gates. They made another roster move as zarumag decided he didn’t have enough time to devote to this league and left the team. They replaced him with faatz, but it’ll probably take some time to build chemistry and succeed. I won’t count them out, but don’t be surprised if there are some growing pains.

Celeb Gaming: I wasn’t able to talk to the team about their thoughts heading into this week, but this roster is solid. I think they’ll show up and be ready to make their case as a future contender.

Prediction: Celeb Gaming 3-0.

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