Division S Week 2: Game Previews

Game Preview for Revive Esports vs. Close to Death.
Revive Esports vs. Close to Death

Both Revive and Close to Death had relatively good weeks. Both teams managed to win some maps against opponents that are better on paper. The same concerns exist as before…they’re the newest squads to the competitive scene, and will need time to adjust. This match will showcase how much growth they’ve been able to make.

Revive Esports: funbunz, the team’s captain, mentioned that his team really needed to focus on macro play in their practices. He stressed that patience is important with this team in learning the intricacies of top-tier play. “We’re looking to make a few upsets later in the season as our team synergies together and develops more refined strategies,” he said. They’re putting in the time to prepare for this matchup through vod reviews.

Close to Death: “We feel inspired after today’s set,” said Keenan, the team’s captain, after last week’s matches. “Our practice is paying off.” Close to Death’s strength comes from team-fighting mechanics, so I think they’ll try to abuse that today.

Prediction: Close to Death 3-1

Game preview for the Lost Boys vs Order of the Sleeping Dragon.
The Lost Boys vs. Order of the Sleeping Dragon

The Lost Boys played the way they expect to last weekend against Team Good Guys, and won fairly easily. They lost one match when KilluZiion tried to solo heal on the new Abathur, and Good Guys made it interesting in another one. But Lost Boys are just really good. Despite having good players in their own right, OSD needs to play fantastically in order to be able to win this one.

The Lost Boys: Like I mentioned last week, Lost Boys aren’t specifically preparing for these matches. But, given that a lot of players have seemed to return the past couple of days for the new Storm League, I think they’ll be warmed up…they might be even better than last week.

Order of the Sleeping Dragon: I was a little let down by their set against Looking for Work last week. Granted, maybe I underhyped LFW when they turn it on. I still want to see more than they showed, however. A lot of their strategy revolved around high-impact heroes for CorgiBooty in the offlane, and it didn’t pay off. I want to see some progress in the game-planning this week.

Prediction: The Lost Boys 3-0

Game preview for Looking for Work vs Multiple Smiles.
Looking for Work vs. Multiple Smiles

I was wrong. LFW can turn it on. Their dominance against Order of the Sleeping Dragon really surprised me. I expect this week’s match against Smiles to be closer, but I don’t know if I can count them out of any match if they play like they did last week. Smiles had a good week, though, so this is the matchup of the week in my opinion.

Looking for Work: I think Casanova’s play really was the game-changer in week 1. He played a variety of less-popular, high-skill heroes really impressively. This team is loaded with talent. The key for them is coming ready to win.

Multiple Smiles: Smiles had a good series against Close to Death, despite getting surprised by them a bit I think. If they take this week seriously, they’ll be a tough team for LFW to handle.

Prediction: Multiple Smiles 3-2 (I’m being more conservative in my estimation of LFW again.)

Game preview for Team Good Guys vs. Celeb Gaming.
Team Good Guys vs. Celeb Gaming

Team Good Guys impressed me last week, despite losing to the Lost Boys 3-1. I wasn’t sure how to measure them, because they really came out of nowhere from the start of Division S qualifiers. Despite showing some questionable decisions during the course of their set, I thought they proved their place in the league. Celeb probably would have preferred a shutout of Revive Esports, but they still showcased their talent in the matches. This’ll be more of a test of their potential than Good Guys, in my opinion.

Team Good Guys: Surprisingly, I think the player I need to see the most improvement from this week is former European pro, bkb. I think the team played well in their series, but I want to see bkb make more of an impact. Perhaps they just aren’t all quite on the same page, but I think he can do more. Unaverted was really good last week, and I want to see him keep that level of play up.

Celeb Gaming: This is a tough draw, going from arguably the worst squad to one of the top teams. If they come out and put up a good fight, I’ll probably move them up the rankings regardless of the result. This is a big test, to be sure.

Prediction: Team Good Guys 3-1

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