Week 7 Game Previews

Looking for Work vs. Revive Esports

This week will be a tough one for Revive Esports. Looking For Work have been outplaying every opponent this split. Given that Revive have lost every series thus far, it doesn’t look good for them here. There are also rumors that they’ll be changing up the roster soon, so that will be tough on morale.

Revive Esports: This is the best opportunity to work on fundamentals and test out strategies against the best team in NA to this point. I don’t expect this team to win, but I’d love to see them have some success.

Looking for Work: For LFW, this might be a good week to try some lesser strategies or experiment with new ideas. Given that this is the team that has busted out some unique compositions in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something unusual this week.

Prediction: LFW wins 3-0.

Celeb Gaming vs. The Lost Boys

This is the matchup of the week, in my opinion. Celeb Gaming has taken care of business by beating teams they should have. This week they face off against The Lost Boys, and team whose only loss came against LFW a few weeks ago. This team looks strong, and I suspect they’ll also be taking things more seriously in preparation for the HeroesHype Premier League coming up.

Celeb Gaming: While this team has lost to the better teams, I am intrigued by how they will perform. If they’ve made progress over the last few weeks, this will be the time to show it.

The Lost Boys: I’ve said it before, but The Lost Boys are probably the most dangerous team out there. I think that they’ve been content to play more casually, even in this setting. But, since the announcement of HeroesHype Premier League, only one team has so far signed up:

This is KzN’s team, and he’s pumped. We might be about see try-hard mode.

Prediction: The Lost Boys win 3-1.

Multiple Smiles vs. Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Order of the Sleeping Dragon: a name not-so-fitting for a team that seems to have woken up. With a new logo (I know…I don’t have it yet) and a new attitude, they seem to be ready to play.

OSD: One of the compositions that has really paid off lately is a triple Warrior team (going by the old roles). It’ll be interesting to see if they stick to that, but these newer strategies are working.

Multiple Smiles: I haven’t seen them recently, so I don’t know really what will happen here.

Prediction: OSD wins 3-0.

Close to Death vs. Team Good Guys

Both these teams have come back down to earth in recent weeks after starting hot. Good Guys lost last week against OSD, and Close to Death were swept by The Lost Boys. The showcase of new talent in Division S has been promising, though, and these two teams are the prime examples. This game establishes who has come further though. I expect it to be a good one.

Close to Death: They’ve lost three straight series, but have fought in each of them. This could be the real test of their mental toughness. If they come out and beat Team Good Guys, I think they can take the next step. If they don’t, it could be demoralizing.

Team Good Guys: Two straight losses isn’t too much sign of concern, but they’ll want to win this series to stay in the upper-echelon of Division S teams. A win here establishes that.

Prediction: Team Good Guys wins 3-2.

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