Game Previews (Sort of): Week 9

Check out this week’s game previews! Well, I guess just two game previews. Close to Death played Revive Esports on Monday night while I was flying home from a wedding, so I missed them. Congrats to Close to Death for a dominate performance.

Order of the Sleeping Dragon vs. The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys are coming out of one of the most exciting series to watch in Division S so far. They had an epic five-game series against Team Good Guys that they pulled out. OSD on the other hand lost 1-3 against the top team in the league, Looking for Work. The fact that they manage to take a game off of them, though, is impressive.

OSD: All things considered, I think this team is still rising. Their play has been much more consistent of late, and the team seems to be meshing much better than before. I would like to see ElhayM step up a little this week. He struggled in the LFW series, with a Takedown/Death ratio of 2.2. That’s quite low, but when you also compare it with the fact that he was outhealed by the other team’s support by 125,000 in the series, they’ll need to see more from him. The one game he outhealed DarkChimera was the game OSD won. The bright side? After this week, they are done playing the top two teams the rest of the season.

The Lost Boys: I loved the play that happened in that series. Hosty in particular really shined in my eyes, although his damage partner in TalkingTrees looked really strong as well. This team has plenty of experience in the other roles of the team to carry them. If Hosty and Trees keeping meshing, they’ll be tough to beat.

Prediction: The Lost Boys win 3-1.

Celeb Gaming vs. Team Good Guys

I really like the matchups this week, but this series is the one I have my eye on the most. Celeb Gaming have been playing very well lately. Like I mentioned, Good Guys gave The Lost Boys a run for their money last week. These two teams match up well, and this series could go either way.

Celeb Gaming: The real wild card here is the roster change. Celeb parted ways with Hunter, and roster changes can really affect a team’s success. During HGC, teams that made roster changes usually struggled for several weeks before regaining their footing. I don’t know how that translates over to Division S, but we’ll see. As far as I’m aware, they haven’t yet made an official replacement, so we’ll likely see a sub tonight.

Team Good Guys: I think they are better than their record suggests. Noah played out of his mind in the Lost Boys series, and Hao was right with him. They have gone to an aggressive, brawling style of play that seems to be working out. I really like them here.

Prediction: Team Good Guys win 3-2. (Disclaimer: This may be the most torn I’ve been all season on a prediction. It really could go either way.)

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