Game Previews: Week 10

Looking for Work vs. The Lost Boys

Match of the week! The two top teams face off for the final time before the playoffs. Looking for Work has been invincible this entire season, and only approached by the Lost Boys. This week will show off the progression each team has made up to this point, and it might be a finals preview.

Looking for Work: Fresh off a bye, we’ll see how they choose to attack the rest of the season. They still have had a fair amount of practice, thanks to the HeroesHype Premier League. Most of this squad plays for the team Subscribe w/ Twitch in that cup, so they’ll be practiced against more of the top competition. This team has been nearly unbeatable. They’ve had a few matches dropped, but they are the real deal.

The Lost Boys: After a guest appearance by MichaelUdall in the series against OSD last week, this team moves on to its biggest test so far. Through all the stats I’ve looked at so far, Lost Boys live and die by the performance of their two main assassins, Hosty and TalkingTrees. Last week, Hosty average over 3400 hero damage per second in the wins, but only about 2450 in the losses. That difference of nearly 1000 damage is huge. If he and Trees perform well again, they have a shot.

Prediction: LWF wins 3-2.

Close to Death vs. Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Order of the Sleeping Dragon have to be feeling good after nearly beating the Lost Boys last week. They are done playing the top teams until playoffs, but have a lot of ground to make up before then as well. Close to Death took care of business against Revive Esports and will look to build off of that momentum.

Close to Death: This team has run some unique strategies and usually keeps opponents off guard with their versatility in draft. Throughout it all, RedRobot has been the anchor at the tank position. His stats are near the top of Division S for tanks. The challenge for him will be unique this week. OSD loves running poke-heavy assassins, such as Lunara, Raynor, and Sylvanas. RedRobot will be taking tons of damage, so making smart engages while staying alive will be the key to the game.

Order of the Sleeping Dragon: As I mentioned before, they have been slowly building over the past several weeks. They nearly beat the Lost Boys last week, which is a good sign. Treebeard in particular played well in that series, averaging nearly 3500 damage per minute in each match, by far and away the highest average of the week (the next highest was Keenan on Close to Death at 3200). Combined with the Lunara buff for ENiGMATiC, I think this might be too much for Close to Death to handle.

Prediction: OSD wins 3-1.

Revive Esports vs. Team Good Guys

Team Good Guys, under the name of Team Gangang, took third place in the HeroesHype Cup 2, coming close to beating Subscribe w/ Twitch (Looking for Work) in the semi-finals. They seem to be getting back to form after slumping midway through the season. Revive meanwhile is still in their restructuring stage, and are mostly finishing this year on a rebuilding note. I don’t know what version of them we’ll see next season, if we see them at all.

Revive Esports: I expect them to just have fun in this series. We may see some different hero choices or strategies. For the players, who are mostly splitting up, this will just be either a time to personally showcase themselves, or have fun with it. I personally would like to see funbunz play more ranged assassin. He’s looked good in that role on paper, and I’d love to see him embrace it more fully.

Team Good Guys: This week is mostly a formality, but it’ll be good practice. Noah has been the player to watch, in my opinion. I’ve also thought DeagleDan has been one of the stronger offlaners in the league so far.

Prediction: Team Good Guys wins 3-0.

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