Power Rankings Through 11 Weeks

This week I’m not going to go through game previews, as it’s getting a little chaotic keeping up with different roster changes and schedules. I’m want to take this time instead to give an updated power rankings!


Looking for Work

LFW has been the juggernaut of Division S throughout the entirety of league play. They are undefeated heading into the end of the season. I still notice some question marks, though. I think LFW relies heavily on their tank/healer play, but don’t get everything they can out of their assassin players. Casanova and Droplets are currently in the middle of the pack in terms of damage per minute through all Division S, which isn’t something you’d expect to see from an undefeated team. They hold the top spot, but in the playoffs, anything can happen.


The Lost Boys

Lost Boys are also solidly in the second spot, and have the best odds to upset LFW. In both their series, they’ve gone a full five games with the leaders. The strength of this team is the solid play at each position. Everyone player could be argued as the best in the league. One of the unsung heroes of the squad is Zergling, who has consistently gained more XP than opposing offlaners, even in losses. They’ll be tough to beat.

Now it gets really tricky…


Close to Death

I’m going with my gut at this point, because the four next teams all have an argument to be made here. I’m going with Close to Death in the third slot, because I’ve loved what I’ve seen from them in the past couple of weeks. The only concern I have with them is consistency. They’ve looked strong in the past, but then fallen back a bit. RedRobot has been great, and CookieMan can pop off. I’m taking a risk with them here, but I think they’ve earned it.


Order of the Sleeping Dragon

Here’s my bold pick! Order of the Sleeping Dragon has indeed slept most of the first half of the season. But they’ve woken up through these past several weeks. After beating Celeb Gaming last night, they’ve proven they are formidable when they play well. I think of all the teams in this part of the rankings, they are the hottest one, which always pays huge dividends.


Celeb Gaming

Celeb Gaming is a solid team that I think can beat any other one on any given night. If you would have asked me a couple weeks ago, I might have had them in the third spot. They have beaten Lost Boys, Close to Death, and OSD each this season. I just haven’t seen enough consistency to bump them up much higher yet. Slyp is a monster, and the rest of the team is solid. I just need to see them perform against the top teams.


Team Good Guys

This is another move I was very hesitant to make. I firmly believe that Team Good Guys have the best chance of beating LFW outside of Lost Boys. They are that good. For some reason, though, they just haven’t kept it together. I know there have been several roster moves which could have contributed to the inconsistency. I just think there are some other teams that deserve higher slots (for now).


Revive Esports

They’ve had a tough run to this point. The roster is mostly breaking up after this season, and that’s evidenced by the plethora of teams they are competing for in the HeroesHype Premier Series. Regardless of what happens for them next season, the experience of Division S will be valuable for those players that continue in competitive Heroes of the Storm. Many of them under-performed on individual levels, and need to work on that for their next attempt.


One thought on “Power Rankings Through 11 Weeks

  1. Cannot believe this list decided to talk about Slyp being a monster when the true carry is Evasion. The Sasuke of HoTS has out performed all of his peers to the point where he has no peers. He has to give up kills just to make it seem like it’s a fair chance. Truly he has surpassed me, a fool who tried to mentor him, when in the end I learned that he has much to teach me.


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